Sunday, August 21, 2011

The good ol' over the shoulder boulder holder

You all know I have discussed bras length actually.  But time and maturity have brought me to the same topic - only from a different point of view.

You see, it was time.  Time for me to give up part of my little girl because she was ready for, you guessed it, her first bra. 

We went to target to look for just the right one.  Somthing cute, yet comforatble.  Something supportive, yet not to noticable. 

You know what we found in the little girls' section at target?

A whole section of hoochie mama, super padded, demi cupped, totally inappropriate bras.

In a section of target intended for girls who are still young enough to like Hello Kitty and the latest Disney fad, they are selling what I consider to be adult bras.  Padding galore, super low cut and overall just entirely inappropriate. 

Despite my immediate disgust, I was able to form one precises (and what I consider fairly astute) question: WHY?

Why do girls who barely have breasts to support need to be wearing bras that make them out to be much larger than they are?  Why was this the type of bra that represented the vast majoirty of those on sale in the LITTLE GIRL section of target? 

And secondly, who in god's name thought this was in any way shape or form okay?

Listen dumbass, sick, perverted marketers and designers of LITTLE GIRL bras - my little girl is growing up quickly enough as it is.  She is already bombarded with ideals of what kids her age should look like by media standards and what supposedly makes kids her age beautiful and desireable.  So don't you dare exasterbate that unrealistic picture by making it appear as though the best choice for a LITTLE GIRL is to wear a bra that is meant to make her appear older than she really is.

Noelle and I did find some very cute - and age appropriate- bras that day.  I'm very proud of my kid - and her non-padded bras work just fine.  Take that Target.

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Tiffany said...

I love having two little girls now. I dread having two girls 7 years from now :/