Monday, March 28, 2011

Cabin Fever

I have heard some of my friends that the weather in California has been an absolute beast.  The beast?  Rain.  The state of California has experienced rain for over two weeks. 

Aside from the obvious depression from the lack of vitamin D from the sun was the inevitable consequence of staying indoors for that long - cabin fever.  The sheer boredom of having nothing fun to do for two weeks is rough.  Even more rough when you throw young children into the mix because those children believe annoying you is the best way to fill the indoor time.

Well Cali, I feel for you, I really do.  But I would gladly take two weeks of non-stop rain over the unbearable cold and snow that encompasses five months out of the year here in Minnesota.  You see, there is a stage past cabin fever.  Here in Minnesota we get a bit crazy. 

To illustrate my point, I would like you to see what kids do in Minnesota in lieu of running through the sprinklers.  See here...

LOL!  I think we need to move.  Or spring needs to come more quickly.


Anisha said...

LOL, I'm one of those CAlifornians who complained over our rain, but hey we are spoiled out here!!!! Today it's supposed to be a nice 75!!!!! Sorry, not trying to brag, ok maybe a little. I hope your weather clears up soon, so you can get those kids out the house!! And if all else fails, book a plane ticket and come to Cali!!

Ingrid said...

OMG, I love him! And don't get me started on weather. We had a tease 2 weeks ago with a nice 70 degree day and its been horrible ever since. It was freezing today and is going to snow tomorrow! Spring, where are you??