Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lawyer's fly first class right? - Part Duex

As you may recall from my past travel adventures, although most would assume lawyers fly first class...they do not.  Or at least this one doesn't. 

I spent the past week in the exciting, busy and crazy city of New York where I spent the majority of my time learning the ins and outs of the banking industry - thrilling, I know.  There was so much to see and do that I highly doubt I experienced even a quarter of what the city has to offer.  But, my adventures in the NYC are best left for another post.  Today's post is reserved for what happens to me in an airport. 

When the more seasoned examiners at work told me "when we are ready to leave, we are ready to leave" I did not understand.  Before heading to New York I was actually pretty bummed to not have more time to spend sight seeing and the like.  But when Thursday night rolled around I could not pack my bags for my next day check-out quickly enough.  I wanted to come home.  Bad.  Luckily my friend and co-worker felt the same.  So we devised a plan to catch an earlier flight home.  We had it all set up - car ride to Newark and all. 

Problem number one began as we eagerly awaited to speak to the ticketing agent at the airport.  It seems as though Delta decided to cancel the first flight to Minneapolis of the day - meaning they bumped everybody to the second flight (our desired flight) selling it out in record time.  So, there we were, at the airport at 11:00 am...for our 6:30 pm flight. 

I was not pleased.

But, that is what you get when you gamble with the we went through security, got some magazines and snacks and then went to the bar for some lunch...and some much needed alcohol. 

It is never a good thing to see the airport you are sitting inside on the "breaking news" section of the TV - for a bomb scare.  Naturally the TVs were not turned up so we couldn't figure out what was going on.  Thanks to my special friend google - we were able to figure out that we were "safe"...or at the very least not being evacuated. 

After several more hours of sitting around doing nothing but witnessing the conduct of airport goers, my friend Allison and I decided to make some rules that should be abided by when at the airport....

Rule #1: Do not use the speakerphone function of your cell phone in public.  Nobody wants to hear your conversation.  And no, you do not look cool for knowing how to use speakerphone.  Turn the damn thing off.

Rule #2: If you are going to wear a shirt as a skirt, I highly recommend wearing pants or leggings - not tights.  If you still chose to wear tights, please for the love of god do not crouch down legs spread to look at stuff on your friend's computer.  Seriously.

Rule #3: If you are a pilot for an airline, it is highly recommended that you show up to work on time.  No, getting stuck in the Holland Tunnel is not an excuse, as even a first timer to New York knew enough to ask when the hell to get out of Manhattan to get to Newark on time. 

Rule #4: After the flight attendant's fifth announcement that all closed overhead bins are full, please do open each and every overhead bin in your vicinity looking for space for your bag - THEY ARE EFFING FULL! 

*sigh*  I do believe we got a little punchy.

Well, after 12 hours, we did finally make it home.  Now, I can write delta about my pilot issues...but if one of you happens to see the chick in the god awful shirt/tights combo, will you point her towards my blog post?  TIA.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I have started this post many, many times.

Blogging has been difficult as of late.  It isn't that I don't have stories to share or jokes to tell - it is simply that when I finally find the time to sit down at my computer for a minute the words just don't come.  I know what I want to say, but my fingers are not hitting the right keys and my words cannot seem to express my thoughts. 

Perhaps this is what they call writer's block. 

Or possibly this is the result of me living in survival mode in an attempt to adjust to my new life as a working (and traveling) mom. 

Whatever it is, I decided to spare you from a wonky post and give you just a slight explanation as to my absence instead.

Oh trust me, there are things to come.  You haven't heard about my bathroom mishaps at work or my first work trip out of town.  Plus there are some Sunday Funnies to be had. 

I guess what I am saying is - don't quit reading or checking up on me quite yet.  This old gal still has some blogging in her blood.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Back away from the juniors section!

I must be young at heart or something, because every time I flip through an ad or walk through a department store, the women's section looks like something my mother would wear (no offense mom) and the junior's department looks like something right up my alley.

This all works out wonderfully in my head - I see a super cute sweater or some jeans.  The style is young and cute.  I pick up the clothes and walk towards the dressing room...

...this is where the junior's department stops working for me.

I could not properly fit in those clothes if I lost 80 pounds.  I have these things called hips and boobs...things the clothing makers presume a junior would not have.  The result is that every time I convince myself that I would look ADORABLE in an outfit from the junior's section is that I have love handles spilling out of my pants and a section of the shirt across the center of my boobs that was obviously intended to be around my waist. 

It is not adorable - it is a disaster.

So next time I am waltzing through Kohls - remind me that I belong in my mother's clothing section - okay?!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It is the worst

Nothing feels more helpless than the inability to take away the discomfort your child experiences when sick.  If only you could explain that it will not be forever and that everything will be okay.  If only that stupid tylenol would do SOMETHING!

Nikolai got sick - not just a runny nose and a cough sick, I am talking sick, sick. 

It all started about a month ago when Nikolai just wasn't acting quite right.  Knowing I was going to start work in just over a week, we decided to take Nikolai to Urgent Care so that we could be sure he was a-okay.  Well, the kid had an ear infection.  It was not too bad, so we got an antibiotic to put the kibosh on the bad ears. 

Two weeks later, Nikolai came down with a fever high enough that we had to keep him out of daycare.  When his fever hit 102 we decided to take him in to urgent care - again.  Not only was the ear infection not gone, but now poor Nikolai had a double ear infection.  Again, in an attempt to put the kibosh on the bad ears, we put Nikolai on a different antibiotic. 

All looked peachy until the next weekend when we were awakened by Nikolai moaning in his sleep.  I put my hand on his little forehead and he felt like he was on fire.  I quickly picked him up and took his temperature.  It was 104.3.  I got Anwar out of bed and he gave Nikolai some tylenol while I drew a bath.  We got it down under 102, but I was freaked out enough that I slept with Nikolai in the living room for the rest of the night. 

This led to our third trip to urgent care (our kid likes to get sick on the weekend - what can I say).  The ear infection was still not gone - in other words, no kiboshing was had.  We were given our third antibiotic in a month and instructed to bring Nikolai back if he got a fever of 103 or higher that we could not get down.

How fortuitous.  That very same night we dragged Noelle out of bed at 10 pm so we could take Nikolai to the ER because his fever had been at 104.5 for four hours. 

The poor kid, who only wanted to sleep, had to endure a pretty poorly performed blood draw and being strapped down to a table for an xray.  The ER docs were convinced Nikolai had pneumonia.  He got yet another antibiotic via injection and we were instructed to keep him on the antibiotic he had just been given a few hours before at urgent care.

The next two nights entailed me rocking my child as he whimpered in discomfort from the fever we could barely keep under control.  I felt horrible that I could do nothing but keep repeating: "I'm sorry, it will be okay."

A follow up visit to our regular pediatrician (thank goodness) revealed that the radiologist found no signs of pneumonia.  Our pediatrician agreed and said that Nikolai had a horrible virus that prevented him from getting rid of the ear infection.  Unfortunately, nothing but time could take that away.

Thankfully, Nikolai is on the mend.  The fever is gone, the appetite is returning and I am getting my sweet little boy back. 

Nikolai must have put the kibosh on his illness all by himself.  I could tell he was feeling better when I saw him clapping for the contestants on wheel of fortune :)

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I would like you all to take note...

of the new ticker located a little ways down in my right sidebar...go ahead and go look.  I'll wait.

Did you see it?!  No, I am not talking about either of the birthday tickers.  Do you need to look again? I'll wait.

Yes, that is right.  I am feeding the obsession and introducing said obsession to Nikolai (Noelle is already well acquainted with said obsession).  If you haven't looked at the damn ticker yet, then I will just tell you...


In just about four months I will hit the happiest place on earth with My husband, children, my sister and her family, my mom and grandma and likely my other siblings as well!!  We got a steal of a deal too.

I am super excited. 

Carry on.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Total abandonment

I have no idea why, but for whatever reason working seems to have given me an excuse to totally abandon my good eating habits.  Since when do I eat candy bars in the middle of the day?  And the diet flows freely.

So not only do I sit on my ass for 9 + hours a day instead of chasing Nikolai around the house, but I also insist on stuffing that same fat ass full of unnecessary calories and sugar.  Now, as my recent encounters with accounting have confirmed, I am no mathematician.  But, I do know inactivity + crap food = fat ass.

The cafeteria at work does not help.  That place is FULL of delicious treats and calorie packed lunch options.  I am in no way kidding when I tell you that the first thing you see when you walk into that horrible place is a selection of desserts.  What a-holes.  They also have barbacoa...that crap is effing fantastic in my mouth - not so much on my hips.  This place is no good.  But I frequent it.  Like I said - fat ass.

The goal for today: avoid the sweets.
The goal for tomorrow: quit the diet coke cold turkey and replace it with water.
The goal for each day after that: bring your own damn lunch and snacks to work - the cafeteria is dead to you now.  Dead.

I would give you my weight, but I am way too afraid to step on the scale so I don't even know myself.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Go Gophers!

Our family has a bit of maroon and gold in our blood.  So we excitedly look forward to homecoming at the U of MN every year.  This year was no exception - and fun times were had.  Great food, face painting, great family and an awesome parade (minus the punk kids next to us...that story to come).  Now if only our enthusiasm would lead to a gopher football win...yeah right, lol!