Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tis the Season

Well, for those of you who keep up with me via other social network venues, you know that I have picked up the running again and have become a bit of a fanatic.  I will spare you the boring details of that journey.

I am an outdoor runner.  I am fortunate enough to live in an area nicknamed "The Land of 10,000 Lakes."  Really, there probably are that many plus some.  Around those lakes are paths that during good weather are filled with people walking, talking, bike riding - and yes - running.  I love running around the lake because the water is amazingly beautiful to watch and is a great distraction when I get tired.  It also doesn't hurt that you can't just quit half way around the lake because you have to get back to your car somehow!

Well, as the fall turns to winter, my beloved Land of 10,000 Lakes becomes more like the Land of 10,000 Frozen Puddles.  The air becomes to chilly to breathe and the paths snow-covered. 

This is the time of year that I have been dreading.  No, no - not winter.  Treadmill season.  The time of year that I am forced indoors onto that heavy contraption that spins round and round.  I hate the treadmill.  First of all, you have the amount of time in huge numbers right in front of your face...nothing like making the minutes pass like hours as they slowly go by right before your eyes.  (Thanks to my friend A, I started putting a towel over that part - thank god).  Second, you don't ever go anywhere!  I mean, you run and run for miles and are still in the same place you started.  Finally, there is nothing interesting to see.  In fact, I spend most of my time at a gym where the treadmills have been so thoughtfully placed DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF A MIRROR.  Yes folks, it is awesome to do nothing but watch yourself sweat and look tired the entire time you run.  Awesome.

This evening I completed yet another session of treadmill torture after work.  As I left the building - still wearing my workout clothes - the feeling of my feet hitting the sidewalk and pavement felt oh so nice.  Although I'd just run for 4 miles, I was feeling invigorated, like I could run 4 more!  I thought to myself: "It isn't too cold!  I can just bundle up and face Old Man Winter!" 

I started to daydream of the type of cold-weather running clothes I would need to purchase as I walked to my car.  I'd need a better jacket, a face mask, a new hat, some new glo....ahhh! <--------- this is when I slipped on the ice and nearly fell on my ass.

And that my friends is the real reason I don't run outside in the winter.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The good ol' over the shoulder boulder holder

You all know I have discussed bras length actually.  But time and maturity have brought me to the same topic - only from a different point of view.

You see, it was time.  Time for me to give up part of my little girl because she was ready for, you guessed it, her first bra. 

We went to target to look for just the right one.  Somthing cute, yet comforatble.  Something supportive, yet not to noticable. 

You know what we found in the little girls' section at target?

A whole section of hoochie mama, super padded, demi cupped, totally inappropriate bras.

In a section of target intended for girls who are still young enough to like Hello Kitty and the latest Disney fad, they are selling what I consider to be adult bras.  Padding galore, super low cut and overall just entirely inappropriate. 

Despite my immediate disgust, I was able to form one precises (and what I consider fairly astute) question: WHY?

Why do girls who barely have breasts to support need to be wearing bras that make them out to be much larger than they are?  Why was this the type of bra that represented the vast majoirty of those on sale in the LITTLE GIRL section of target? 

And secondly, who in god's name thought this was in any way shape or form okay?

Listen dumbass, sick, perverted marketers and designers of LITTLE GIRL bras - my little girl is growing up quickly enough as it is.  She is already bombarded with ideals of what kids her age should look like by media standards and what supposedly makes kids her age beautiful and desireable.  So don't you dare exasterbate that unrealistic picture by making it appear as though the best choice for a LITTLE GIRL is to wear a bra that is meant to make her appear older than she really is.

Noelle and I did find some very cute - and age appropriate- bras that day.  I'm very proud of my kid - and her non-padded bras work just fine.  Take that Target.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another year bites the dust...

As cliche as this sounds, I feel like Nikolai was born yesterday.  My baby, is no longer a baby.  He is a big kid who today turned TWO!

He loves Dora the Explorer, The Wiggles, singing (especially the song about the continents), playing with his big sister Noelle, his cousins and hugging his mom and dad.  He is a lot of work - but he is worth every single second of it.

Happy birthday baby!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Self Doubt

There is something in the way of my personal and professional success.
Something that creeps in and steals the spotlight from any moment of project completion, hard-work, happy thoughts, compliments and joy.
Something that eviscerates the satisfaction of darn near perfect work.
Something that finds a way to discover any tiny deviation from the goal and exploit it until day’s end.
This something capitalizes on the fear that is associated with trying something new, extending myself at work or my everyday actions.
This something causes the imagination to run wild, creating – fabricating – imagining that something has gone terribly wrong and that everyone will associate my tasks with failure.
This something likewise prevents me from ever really feeling like I have done something well.  Causes me to constantly re-think my actions, re-check my work.  Causes me to fill my dreams with fears of mistakes and worry about recourse for not being perfect. 
It has become obvious that this something needs to stop so that I can realize that when I am told I have done something well – that it means just that. 
That something needs to stop…
…because that something – is me.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

An early birthday...

So, the little one doesn't turn two for another couple of weeks.  However, due to some ongoings that I cannot discuss on the internet at the moment, we suddenly realized we did not have time for a little birthday celebration. 

We did what any rational parent would do - we called a few people and had an impromptu celebration today!

It was great.  Good cake (thanks, Sam's Club), good food (thanks, mom) and good people!  Plus, Nikolai had a blast!

Here is my PITA blowing out the candles....

Happy birthday (a bit early) sweet boy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Not to Do on Vacation: A Traveler's Tale

My husband had some business in Iowa this past weekend.  Being the sucker nice guy he is, he invited me and the kids along.  I did what I normally do for vacations - I looked for things to do and places to stay. 

Mistake #1: I booked through

While I almost never book through an agent website (typically I get better deals elsewhere) I made an exception this time around because my husband wanted to cash in on the whole stay 10 nights get 1 free thing.  Anyway, we found a hotel with a pool, free breakfast, non-smoking rooms in an okay location, and at a good price so we booked it.  My mistake will become apparent later...let's move on to...

Mistake #2: I did not prep.

I had a horribly busy week.  I typically am the first packed and first ready to head out the door for trips, but on this occassion I had not even done laundry.  We had planned to leave our home at 6pm that night and arrive in Iowa around 11pm.  Yeah, right.  I think I was sort of packed around 6:15pm.  Sort of had the kids fed around 6:30pm and sort of had the car packed by 6:45pm.  Sort of. 

Yeah, we left late.  This put us on the road late and thus, to the pre-booked hotel late.  After midnight late.  With two drowsy kids (and parents) we pulled into the hotel lot and my husband ran to the front desk to check in while I waited in the car with the kids.  He got the room keys and we parked and couldn't wait to crawl into bed.  We got up to the room and it REEKED of smoke.  The hotel had given us a smoking room.  Even better, the hotel was 100% booked and could not give us the room we had reserved. So...

Mistake #3: I called to help resolve the issue.

I was on the phone trying to resolve the issue until nearly 2am.  Mostly on hold. With two kids.  Sitting in the lobby.  Naturally, every hotel within 100 miles was booked (or so said  And, at 2 am, the conclusion was that we had to stay for that night in the smoking room.  So, our exhausted bodies walked back to the hotel room and immediately began unloading so we could finally sleep.  That is when I made...

Mistake #4:  I didn't do the normal check.

I travel for work all of the time.  I have a routine.  I walk into the room, leave my stuff by the door and check for things.  I check for intruders, I check that the room is clean and I check for bedbugs.  I always check.  But not this time.  This time I was too tired.  It wasn't until Noelle had taken the top blanket off her bed that I yelled "STOP! Don't touch anything!" 

There is was.  A bedbug. 


Now, I'm not bug expert or anything, but a bug that resembles an appleseed = bedbug to me.  So we immediately got the hell out of there.  Did I stick around to figure out if there were bedbugs?  Nope.  I was OUT.

Which, you guessed it, lead to...

Mistake #5: Thinking anyone would help me with a refund for the smoke-filled, bedbug infested, un-used at 2am hotel room.

Yeah, I will spare you the details of my still on-going battle for a refund from stupid

Anyway, we fortunately did find a hotel room that night (er, morning).  A very nice hotel clerk got us into a super small room with one queen and also tracked down a rollaway bed so we could all finally go to sleep (sans bedbugs).  I owe that man a thank you card.

Our vacation was on the up and up thereafter.  We found a nice hotel with two beds, a pool, free breakfast and NO bedbugs/smoke.  We also had a ton of fun!

We went to the zoo and fed some birds...

Nikolai worked on his climbing skills...

We rode the kiddie train...

Nikolai found an awesome car...

Noelle did a little arts & crafts...

And we all got some sleep.

So, my friends.  Next time you plan your vacation - learn from my mistakes.  Oh, and check for bedbugs :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A little about me...

Just like you would with any dear friend (I am, of course, a dear friend – right?) it is time to play a little catch up.  What have I been doing with my life since we last talked?  Well – too much.  But, the reader’s digest version is:
I am still fat.  But, I am so working on it.  I am still Disney obsessed (see ticker above for my next rendezvous there).  I still have a super hot husband and two adorable children [insert ooo’s and ahhh’s here].   I am still employed (thank god) – which has its ups and downs.   I still have a shoe obsession and still become unusually annoyed by grammatical errors.
There are some things that are a bit different.  I am becoming a bigger smart ass every day.  Good for blogging – not so good for my husband (haha).  I no longer have a two bedroom townhouse because we decided to be big kids and bought our OWN HOUSE!  (see below)...

Naturally there will be some blogging there.  I would love to say you can expect blogging on my savvy design skills…but it will probably be more about “what not to do in your first house” type blogging.  You get the point.
Anyway, all is fair in the game of love and blogging.  So please expect this to be my last “status update” rant.  Life is much more interesting when I am making fun of myself…or someone else.
Now that you are all caught up with me…I believe I have some catching up to do with all of you!